Air Conditioner Installation

Time of choosing and purchasing the air conditioner is already behind. Now it’s time for no less troublesome work, installing your cooling device.

The device that arrived requires correct placement. Work done improperly may result in your device being inoperative. As a result, reducing comfort due to poor air conditioning and high energy bills. In the worst case, it can be dangerous, spoiling your home, and hurting its inhabitants.

Avoid the Hassle — Guarantee Comfort

Installing the air conditioner should not bring you difficulties or problems, which can often happen after the wrong set. The 88 HVAC employees perform a qualitative installation, responsive to the task. The company is an authorized licensed air conditioner installer located in Dublin, CA. Our, properly executed work can guarantee the proper functioning and reliability of your cooling system.

As professionals who love their work, we respect and value our customers. So, in all the necessary ways, without damaging your house and keeping it in good condition, we make proper installation of air conditioning devices.

We Help You ToChoose Air Conditioning Units

The installation work is not the only thing that 88 HVAC is doing.Our skilled and friendly staff will help you to make sure your cooling system is properly selected. Otherwise, we will provide expert support and guidance in choosing a cooling system by reducing the choice to the best.

We will help you to choose an air conditioner that will cool different parts of your home at those temperatures as you need it. With the use of the most affordable units, our employees make every effort to maintain maximum energy efficiency when using the air conditioner.

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Quality Installations

One of our goals is to achieve maximum energy savings in each of the buildings in Dublin, CA. In addition to the installation of Carrier products, the company is renowned for its innovations in energy saving systems, which has been awarded numerous awards in this field. Residents of Dublin, CA have already been convinced of the ecological integrity of the AC systems owned by the company.

Our activities are accredited by the Building Performance Institute, thanks to undisputed knowledge and experience in diagnosing problems and providing appropriate solutions.The establishment of national standards, quality assurance programs, professional certification and company accreditation is carried out by the BPI. Its purpose is to raise the bar in home performance contracting.

88 HVAC accompanies you from the beginning to the end of the installation of the cooling system. And does it in the best way.

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